Family recreation in bath houses is getting more popular every day. The benefit of such family visits is great. First of all, a recreation of this sort will help to bring a family together. Each parent will give their attention to their child and this is important because sometimes it is too hard to find a spare minute to play with your daughters and sons. As pediatricians say, if the children visit bath houses regularly, they tend to get sick less often! Psychological tests confirmed that joint recreation with mother and father helps to get rid of irritability and fatigue rather fast. 


Apart from that, visiting a bath house with your whole family is not only great fun and pleasantly spent time, but also great relaxation and immense positive emotions. What can be better than resting together with your family and dearest ones? 


Bath complex Derevyenka will provide all members of your close-knit family with entertainment they like. Women can choose unique SPA procedures available only at bath houses, like scrubs with honey and coffee and honey massage. Men will be able to experience professional steam bath and massage. Children can also visit the steam room, but the temperature must be lower and the professional has to be very careful. Our staff members have experience of working with children and usually children are happy after the procedures! Bath houses are great place for purifying your body and getting rid of toxins. Steam bath helps to shake off fatigue and influence of stress on human body, thus leading to revitalization and improvement of working capacity. Since ancient times people greatly valued steam baths. For many centuries sauna was considered to be a unique way of restoring the energy of body and mind. Parents can feel much younger when they take a steam bath with their children in a good bath house with wood fired aromatic steam rooms. The positive effect from regular bathing procedures will be evident soon, and your family tradition of visiting bath houses will bring your family members together in an amazing way and become a basis of healthy emotional environment in your home. After taking a steam bath you will be able to forget about everyday routine and enjoy herbal tea with jam and kebabs. In Derevyenka bath house you will be able to have a nice meal. Your children will be happy to try our tasty fruit desserts and various treats. Make visiting bath houses your family tradition and cultivate good taste and desire for healthy lifestyle in all your family members, especially your children. Derevyenka bath complex combines the best Russian traditions with the achievements of modern culture. This complex has a specially built children’s playground outside, audio- and video equipment, PlayStation gaming console, free Wi-Fi, various board games. So gather a family meeting, call us and make a reservation without any second thoughts! We are waiting for you!