Electronic bracelet, its purpose and use. Methods of payment. Attendance policy and prohibition to visit the bath house. 


MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI — booking is available from 17.00, 

SAT, SUN and holidays – from 10.00. Please call +7 (843)245-13-75. 

 The booking is expired in case of a delay that exceeds 5 minutes. Those who were late for the booking time will be provided with available free rooms if there are any. The booking period remains valid for 20 minutes, if the late party informs the administrator about their delay in advance. 

 In case the number of the guests arrived is fewer than the places reserved, the rest of the places can be paid up (for those friends who have not arrived yet) or the booking for the free places will expire.

• The right to visit Derevyenka bath houses (hereinafter mentioned as the ‘Bath houses’) is granted only for those individuals who received an electronic bracelet.  

• The paid time of the visit confirms the right of the Guest to use the services of the Bath house during all the time paid for according to the chosen tariff. If a Guest who left the territory of the Bath house wants to re-enter the Bath house, he or she will have to purchase a new ticket. 

• The prices for Bath house’s services are regulated by the Price list that was approved by the director of OOO Drive. The prices for the tickets, as well as the information about promos of Derevyenka bath houses are posted near the ticket office, on the official web site and at the reception desk. 

• To make the payment each guest must check the preliminary check and pay the sum mentioned in it. In case of any discrepancies the guests have the right to write a request to the director. All requests are considered within 3 working days. 

• Electronic bracelets serve as the entry tickets for the territory of the Bath house, the pass to use services, the key from a personal locker room and the means of payment for goods and services provided by the Bath house. All information about the purchased goods and services is registered electronically in the unified database of the Bath house and the bracelet. 

• The paid period of stay in the Bath house starts from the moment the guest receives the cash registering check and the bracelet. It ends when the visitor brings the bracelet to the reader and gives it to the cashier, when he or she exits the Bath house. In case of room or cabin booking the period of stay starts from the moment of the booking. In case the guest was late, the period of stay starts from the moment of the booking and ends according to the booking information provided by the customer. Extension of the period of stay is only possible if there is no other booking for the time period needed. The guests must leave the room, when the booking period ends. 

• The guests are the ones who control their period of stay in the Bath house. 

•   The services of the Bath house which require additional payment include the following: 

- restaurant and bar catering. There is a 7% extra charge for services for all menu items; 

– other services approved by the Management.

• In case the dish ordered at the restaurant does not correspond to the declared quality, as well as in case the customer wishes to complain or refuse a certain dish, the complaints should be made immediately. In other cases the claims will not be accepted. 

• The guests are not allowed to bring their own food and beverages in the common lounges or cabins. In case the violation of this rule has been registered, and the guest refuses to remove such food and beverages, he or she will have to leave the bath house.  

• In case the menu does not include some dishes or beverages, the guest have the right to bring the item with him or her, if he or she pays the price of cooking according to the price list. The item should be given to reception manager or administrator. After it has been cooked, the client receives it in the lounge. It is forbidden to bring any food items, take them out and eat them without notifying the management. 

 • The additional services on the territory of the Bath house are provided for the money deposited on the electronic bracelet. To use the bracelet for payment for such services the Guests need to deposit a pre-payment that equals to the price of the required service on the bracelet. The only way to deposit funds for additional services is to use the services of the cashier at the reception desk. 

 • Unused funds (pre-payment) deposited on the electronic bracelets are returned by the same cashier at the reception desk. 


• Electronic bracelets are the property of the Bath house. The guests are responsible for keeping the bracelet working and intact. This bracelet is worn on the wrist and should be shown to the staff members of the Bath house upon their request. When the Guest exits the Bath house, he or she must give the electronic bracelet back to the cashier. 


• When the Guests receive the bracelets, they must visually inspect them and look for any signs of damage without leaving the ticket window. After the Guest leaves the ticket window, the subsequent claims are not accepted or reviewed by the Management. 


• In case the guest damages the property of the complex, he or she must pay the price of the damaged item according to the price list. In case the damaged item is not included in the price list, the management determines the price individually based on market prices and incurred loss. 


• The payment for exceeding the period of stay in the Bath (the time that was not paid for when the electronic bracelet was purchased) is made according to the following regulations: 


- the additional period of time spent in the Bath house is paid for according to the price list approved by the Management of OOO DRIVE 


- the payment is made according to the prices that are valid during the visit of the bath house. The payment is made at the ticket window near the exit. 


• The guests must give the rented items back in the end of their visit. In case the items were lost or damaged, the guests must cover the price of the items according to the price list 


•Using pools and tubs is allowed only in case the client’s body is clean. In case the guest leaves foreign items after his or her visit, he or she must pay the service price according to the price list


In case the guest is unable to pay for extra time or any services, the funds are being withdrawn from him according to the laws of the Russian Federation.  


OOO DRIVE’s Derevyenka bath houses do not accept any personal items of the Guests (does not provide the Guests with the storage service), but only give the Guests the right to use personal locker rooms. This means that the Management is not responsible for the items left in the locker rooms or the items lost on the territory of the Bath house/the Complex. Such items include, but are not limited to: cloths, shoes, documents, cell phones, photo- and video cameras, money, jewelry and other personal items of the Guests. 


Claims on this matter are not considered by the Management, and no compensation is paid.


• The Guests must respect each other and other Guests without interfering with anyone’s recreation. 


•The visitors of the common women’s lounge (apart from showers) must wear swimming suits, sheets or towels.  


• The visitors of the common men’s lounge must wear clothes (swim wear, swimming shorts, sheets or towels). 






In case you do not have a swimming suit or swimming trunks, you can rent a sheet or a towel at the reception desk. 


• In order to ensure the safety of the Guests, they are monitored throughout the territory of the Bath (apart from changing rooms, showers and toilets). 


• According to Article 32 of the Law of the Russian Federation ‘On Protection of Consumers' Rights’ and Article 782 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation the Bath house does not offer refunds for the services it provided. 


• In case a guest violated the attendance rules several times, the management may prohibit the guest to visit the Bath house again. 


• Those guests who were expelled from the territory of the complex due to the violation of attendance policy must pay for all the services and the time he or she spent in the compound according to the price list. 


• This establishment does not allow smoking 


Since June 1, 2014, in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law No. 15-FZ   ‘On Protection of Health of the Public from Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Consequences of Tobacco Use’ dated February 23, 2013, smoking inside the complex is strictly prohibited! There are specially arranged smoking areas outside the Bath building. 

• The temperature of hot water should not be colder than 57°С during the day and 55°С during the night.  



Visiting the bath house is prohibited to the following individuals: 


• People wearing dirty clothes, individuals with unkempt appearance or specific foul odors, which could be unpleasant to other guests. 

  • People in a state of intoxication with alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic and other drugs; 


  • People suffering from diseases that can be harmful for their personal health and safety, as well as for the health and safety of other guests; 


People suffering from skin diseases are not allowed to visit the complex! In case the administrator of the complex witnesses any evidence of skin diseases, the individual having them will be prohibited from visiting the complex. 

     Those visitors of the Bath house who violate the rules mentioned in this article bear full responsibility for damaging their health, other guests’ health and for the related material expenses. 

 - Derevyenka bath houses are private establishments, so the management can prohibit any guest from visiting the Bath house without giving any reason. 




Management of Derevyenka bath houses of OOO ‘DRIVE’